Mobile Connect

As a business in the cloud today, why invest in meeting expensive hardware requirements? With MobileConnect, leverage your employees’ pre-existing smartphones and tablets to create a unified communications network of the future, and maximize your productivity potential with minimal investment. With this BYOD (bring-your-own-device) model, cloud-driven VoIP, video calling/conferencing, IM and collaboration capabilities combine for one powerful office in your pocket.

With Mobile Connect, you can:

  • Move from one device to another without call interruption – Start a call on your desk phone, and then move the conversation seamlessly to your mobile device.
  • Synchronize your call logs, buddy lists and service settings across all your devices – Adapting settings to your preferences and looking up contacts in multiple address books waste precious minutes, but with MobileConnect, the cloud pushes all of your latest communications updates to your tablet, smartphone and computers.
  • Communicate on multiple services with a single online identity – Whether you are texting, calling, videoconferencing, chatting or emailing, your identity stays consistently uniform across all options.
  • Know what your contacts are up to at a given moment – With MobileConnect’s presence feature, you can view the auto-generated statuses of your contacts based on their current activities: Available, Busy, Away or Offline.

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